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2010 Season Header
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Greensboro Opera Board of Trustees

Executive Committee

Woodson E. Faulkner, II - President

Bert Davis Jr. - Treasurer

Gloria Fuller - Secretary

Michiko Stavert - VP Education

David Holley - Artistic Director

Board Members

David Bray

Vanessa Carroll

Mary Ann Contogiannis

Jane Curtis

Frank Dickerson

Jacquelyn Farlow

Amanda Hickman

Clint Jackson

Fabrice Lehoucq

Fred Lopp

Corrie Middleton

Alice Pearce

Jerry Ruskin

Dave Turnage

Advisory Board

Anna Clare Allen ex officio

Laura Deane Gresham

Jeanne Hassell

Janet Hendley

Judy Jolly

Claire Kelleher

Priscilla Knox

Bill Rogers

Lollie White


Sherry Barr - Office Manager

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