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Write Your Own Opera!!

2014 Write Your Own Opera! Contest winning story

The Alien Invasion by Ansley Tobin
Ansley attends General Greene Elementary. Congratulations, Ansley!

One day Niko was lying outside looking at the stars. Niko saw something moving on the moon, so he went upstairs to look through his telescope. He saw aliens! They were coming down from the moon to invade the earth. Niko screamed really loud so that his sister Carly and Dad heard him. They ran to his room and asked him, "Niko, what is the matter?"

Niko shrieked, "Aliens! Aliens are coming to invade earth!"

Niko's Dad was very afraid of aliens so he ran to the next neighborhood.

When the aliens finally landed on earth, Niko and Carly were so scared, they ran away. However, the aliens followed them.

Niko remembered that aliens hate garlic, so he got garlic out of the pantry and threw it at the aliens. They looked at him like he was crazy. Kate, Kat and Katie, the aliens, all started to act like they were real humans, but Niko and Carly didn't fall for that.

Carly ran upstairs and looked for stuff that she thought the aliens wouldn't like. She found her old boom-box in the attic and a CD. Carly ran downstairs and yelled, "Niko!"

"What? No! This is not a time for funny business!" Niko answered.

"I know, we will play music and dance to see if they will go away." Carly answered.

"All right. We will try, but if this doesn't work it's your fault!" he said.

So Carly plugged in the boom box and started playing it and dancing to it. The aliens, Kate, Kat and Katie, hated the sound of the music. They went back up to the moon and never messed with anyone ever again.

The End

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