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Write Your Own Opera!!

2012 Write Your Own Opera! Contest winning story

Battle of the Princesses by Annabel Gigley
Annabel will be a rising fifth grader at Erwin Montessori School next fall. Congratulations, Annabel!

Battle of the Princesses
By Annabel Gigley
Fourth Grader at Erwin Montessori School
Jonathan Edmonson and Meg Anderson, Music Teachers
Karla Massey, Fourth Grade Teacher
Adapted into the opera Jacks are Wild! by David Holley and Mark Engebretson

One rainy, sad day, all princesses were dumped by their princes. All of the princesses were looking for a new prince, and all of them found Prince Jack. All princesses were fighting over Prince Jack. There were five princesses in particular that were determined to get Prince Jack. Princess Aurora, Belle, Snow White, Jasmine, and Cinderella sabotaged each other. Cinderella took Aurora's NON-SLEEP PILLS so Aurora would fall asleep every five minutes. Jasmine took Cinderella's GLASS SLIPPER so she would be limping all day. Aurora took Belle's HOW TO TALK TO BOYS book so Belle would stutter when she talked to Prince Jack. Belle took Snow White's APPLE SOOTHING CREAM so Snow White would freak out about everything. Snow White took Jasmine's MAGIC CARPET so Jasmine would get to Prince Jack late.

When they all FINALLY went to Prince Jack's castle, they saw Rapunzel having tea with Prince Jack. What? they all thought. They were mad, confused and a little sad. "We don't need a prince! Princes are only good for heartbreak," said Cinderella. "Yeah!" they all agreed. Then POOF! They were in a huge castle with a whole crowd of people standing among them. "ALL HAIL OUR NEW QUEENS!" yelled Mother Fairy. "Good job letting Prince Jack go. You will be rewarded." Just then five young princes came out. "I call that one!" yelled Jasmine. "No fair!" "That one's mine!" "Ooo! I like that one." "I like the one beside him."

And they all lived happily ever after…well almost.

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