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Show your support!

It goes without saying that donors are the life blood of Greensboro Opera, be it a gift of their time or resources. Without financial contributions, however, we wouldn’t be able to bring you opera productions at their finest or keep ticket prices affordable.

A little goes a go long way at Greensboro Opera…

Your contributions enable us to produce operas that time and again enchant our steadily growing audiences. No donation is too small; every dollar goes to ensure the continued success of Greensboro Opera.

Where does your donation go?

  • $10 helps offset student discounts to all performances
  • $50 helps cover the fee of an opera chorister
  • $100 covers the fee of a singer for an outreach performance
  • $200 helps cover the cost of scores
  • $500 helps cover the cost of props
  • $1,000 helps cover an artist fee
  • $2500 helps Greensboro Opera to reach more students and adults each year through Educational programming

Did you know that you can request where your donation is used? Call us to talk about how you would like to support Greensboro Opera at (336) 273-9472.

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